Pursuant to the Turkish Code of Obligations, the Judge may decide that, in case the bodily integrity of a person is damaged, an appropriate amount of money will be paid to the injured person as non-pecuniary damage, taking into account the characteristics of the incident. In the event of severe bodily harm or death, an appropriate amount of money may be paid to the relatives of the injured or deceased as non-pecuniary compensation.

The task of determining the amount of non-pecuniary damage is left to the discretion of the judge. The judge; It is required to appraise the amount of compensation in accordance with the law and justice, observing the principle of equity in Article 4 of the Civil Code.

In addition, the amount of moral compensation should be fair and at a reasonable rate, and should not have consequences that would lead to enrichment. It should be proportional to the moral harm, to alleviate the grief and be in moderation.

Since the amount and conditions of non-pecuniary damages vary according to each concrete event, you can contact our law firm in order to get detailed information about the subject and to protect and obtain your rights.

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