Commercial Law

Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL, the founder and manager of our office, is specialized in Commercial Law; He carried out his scientific studies in this field in the Department of Commercial Law at Gazi University, and completed his master’s degree. In this context, commercial business law, corporate law, negotiable instruments law, international law, transportation law, competition We provide legal support in all areas including mediation law, maritime law, insurance law, electronic trade law, company mergers and acquisitions, and the execution of the arbitration process. Within the scope of our protective attorney and preventive legal activities, we provide legal support to individuals, tradesmen, companies and traders operating in different sectors in drafting contracts, reviewing and arranging contracts, and providing consultancy before legal proceedings. Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL, the founding manager of our office, has done scientific studies on the negotiable documents; He has written a book on the subject of check.