The institution of refusal of inheritance can be expressed as the rejection of the inheritance of the inheritance of the inheritance with the assets and liabilities of the inherited from the debts and receivables upon the death of the inheritance.

Legal and appointed heirs can refuse the inheritance. As a rule, while the rejection of inheritance is required to have consequences; If the insolvency of the inheritance is clearly determined or officially determined, it is deemed to be automatically rejected without the need for this will.

Refusal of inheritance must be made within three months. This period starts from the date they learn about the death of the inheritance for legal heirs.

According to the law, the heir who does not reject the inheritance within the legal period will earn the inheritance unconditionally. Therefore, this period is of a degrading nature; it will be considered ex officio by the judge.

In our law, the institution of denial of inheritance is bound to important procedural procedures, and the deprivation periods are regulated in detail. For this reason, making the application in due time in accordance with these issues will prevent loss of rights. For this reason, you can contact our law firm in order to protect and obtain your rights.

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