Foreign nationals can buy real estate in our country if there is reciprocity between their country of citizenship and Turkey. It is possible to get information about the reciprocity lists from your country’s representatives in Turkey or from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate General in your country.

According to the current legislation in Turkey, official contracts aiming at the transfer of immovable property must be made in the Land Registry Directorates where the immovable is located. In addition, it is also possible to sign a “sales promise agreement” before the official sale before the notary public.

Commercial companies with legal personality established in foreign countries according to the laws of their own countries can only acquire real estate and limited real rights within the framework of special law provisions. Other than these trading companies, they cannot acquire real estate and limited real rights cannot be established in favor of them.

Key considerations:

  • On the immovable, mortgage, lien, etc. The issues such as whether there is a restriction or whether there is any obstacle to the sale of the property should be checked by the relevant Land Registry Office.
  • In case the application to acquire real estate is rejected, an appeal can be made to the Regional Directorate to which the Land Registry Directorate is affiliated.
  • It is recommended not to work with experts and companies that are not known to be reliable.
  • A foreigner is not required to have a residence permit in order to acquire a property in Turkey.
  • In case of any dispute between the parties regarding the acquisition of real estate, the situation must be referred to the judicial authorities and a lawsuit must be filed in the courts of the Republic of Turkey.

The subject has been explained in general terms above; You can contact our law firm for detailed information about each concrete event.

Lawyer Senem Ülküm YILMAZEL