When the spouses are divorced, they can make an agreement between them. However, if there is a dispute on this issue, this is the subject of a separate case. A comprehensive and detailed examination is required for these cases.

The most important issue in property sharing; when, how the parties obtained their property and when they got married. This topic is very detailed. Whether the goods were received before marriage; whether it is inherited or not; whether there is a donation; purchased by the sale of a property purchased before marriage, inherited, donated or purchased before 2002; It is a notarized contract between the parties that has not been received; all details are important as it is not.

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In property sharing, first all assets are collected. Goods purchased before marriage, personal goods specified as exception, goods purchased with their sale, etc., are excluded from this total assets. Accordingly, the other spouse has the right to receive on the monetary value of his remaining property. In other words, the information that the goods purchased after marriage are divided in half is wrong.

If the parties wish, they can also choose their property regimes at the notary. Then the sharing is done according to the property regime they choose. The date and content of this contract are also very important.

Law is a social science. Therefore, this issue should be resolved scientifically through lawyers and courts. You can contact our law firm to get detailed information on the subject and to protect and obtain your rights.

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