In the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, household workers are not considered to be insured. However, some regulations have been made as an exception.

Those who are insured in household services for 10 days or more will be deemed to be general health insurance holders. In order to benefit from health benefits, it is sufficient to have a total of 30 days of universal health insurance premium payment within the last year before the insured’s application to the health service provider, except for the other cases listed in the law.

The legal status of employees of home services varies according to the concrete event, and is determined according to different criteria such as the place of work and the number of days. Likewise, although the period of lowering the right to file a lawsuit is envisaged as 5 years, it has been accepted by the Supreme Court of Appeals that this period will not work in exceptional cases. Therefore, you can contact our law firm in order to evaluate the concrete case and to protect and obtain your rights.

Lawyer Senem Ülküm YILMAZEL