In the contracts, the open titles, addresses, invoice information of the parties, the description of the products, the unit and total price, the delivery date, the validity date and the place of delivery must be clearly stated in the contract and the offer.

• The contract or the offer must be signed by the authorized representatives of the companies. If the contract is to be made via mail, an electronic signature should be used. If the other party sends the offer by e-mail; By mail, the contract and offer are sent to the other party; Signing the authorized representative on the company stamps and adding a signature circular should be requested to be sent back.

• Delivery costs, transportation costs, insurance costs, export and import customs clearance costs, who will bear the loading and unloading costs should be included in the offer and contract in detail.

• The offer may arise within the scope of pre-offer and post-contract negotiations; Failure to pay the contract price, not to receive or not receive the product, find defects and deficiencies, not to be delivered on time, failure to fulfill obligations and all other disputes, which country’s laws will be applied and which country the court is the competent court must be added to the contract and proposal.

The most protective clause from the Rules on the Interpretation of International Trade Terms (INCOTERMS) should be added to the contract and offer. The above information is general; each contract / offer contains special features according to requests and needs. For this reason, you can contact our law firm in order to protect and obtain your rights.

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