According to the law, a certified copy of the parts of the testament related to them shall be notified by the judge to each of those who are entitled to the inheritance. Unless objection is made within one month, starting from the notification to them by the inheritors or other wills, a document indicating that he is the heir or the will creditor appointed by the court of peace shall be given to the person in whose favor he has been disposed.

TMK m. In 557, the reasons for the cancellation of a death-related savings were counted. In terms of the right to file an action for annulment according to the law; Periods of one year, ten years and twenty years are stipulated.

By opening a will, heirs and those who dispose of them will learn their rights. Therefore, in this case, the conditions of filing a lawsuit for those whose rights are violated come to the fore. You can contact our law firm in order to protect and obtain your rights, as which lawsuits to be filed and which legal remedies will be applied will vary depending on the concrete case.

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