There is no government guarantee on accounts in off-shore banks. However, in accordance with the precedent decisions made by the 11th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court, the lawsuits filed against those who meet the legal conditions since 2011 are now accepted; Hundreds of precedent decisions have been made in this regard.

The beginning of the statute of limitations for off-shore receivables depends on the notification made by the intermediary bank. It is unacceptable that the receivables of customers who have not been notified are expired.

Depositors, whose accounts have been transferred to off-shore banks, can file a lawsuit against banks, which are the successors of the relevant banks today, and collect their money with interest.

If you have opened an account in Yurt Bank, Ege Bank, Sümerbank, Bank Kapital, Yaşar Bank, Ulusal Bank and Efektif Bank, which were closed during the crisis in 2001, and if the legal conditions are in question, you can file a lawsuit; You can contact our law firm in order to receive the money you have deposited with the interest up to date and to protect and obtain your rights.

Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL