With the divorce of the parties, the liquidation of the property regime is also on the agenda. In cases where the court decides to terminate the marriage due to annulment or divorce or to move on to the separation of property, the property regime will expire, effective from the date of the case.

Acquired property, acquisitions in return for their work, payments made by social security or social assistance institutions and organizations or funds and similar funds established for the purpose of helping personnel are also included in the scope of acquired property.

In our law, as of 2002, the regime of participation in acquired property has been accepted, and the severance payment that one of the parties is entitled to is within the scope of the acquired property. Consequently, the spouses will be creditor on the income earned in return for the work of the other spouse.

According to the decisions of the Supreme Court, it should be examined whether the spouse is entitled to severance pay on this date based on the date of the case, and the severance pay entitled during the regime of participating in the acquired property should be calculated and included in the share. In this context, you can contact our law firm in order to protect and obtain your rights.

Lawyer Senem Ülküm YILMAZEL