The wages for overtime, weekly and general holidays, as well as bonuses and social benefits of the workers become due when they arise, and the 5-year limitation period starts from this date. When a lawsuit is filed for all these workers’ claims, the statute of limitations will be calculated backwards from the date the case was filed.

The annual leave wages of the workers are due not when the annual leave is deserved, but when the employment contract ends for any reason. In other words, annual leaves cannot be charged while the employment contract is in progress. The fee for annual leaves can only be requested at the end of the employment contract and the statute of limitations starts from this date.

Overtime wages and annual paid leave wages of workers covered by the Labor Law are also subject to a five-year limitation period.

The notice and severance pay wages of the workers become due after the termination of the employment contract in a way that the employee is entitled to the notice and severance pay, as well as the annual paid leave, and expire after five years.

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