The reasons for divorce in our Turkish Civil Code; It is divided into two as specific reasons for divorce and general reasons for divorce. Specific reasons for divorce are: adultery, commitment to life, abandonment, ill-treatment, degrading behavior, committing crimes, living in dignity and mental illness. The general reasons for divorce are not determined individually in the law. Any situation that fundamentally shakes the marital union is a common cause of divorce.

If the marriage union is shaken to the ground that they are not expected to continue their common life, each spouse can file a divorce suit.

The spouse who is perfect or less defective due to the events causing the divorce, if there are legal conditions;

1) Divorce

2) Financial compensation: The party who suffered material damage due to divorce can file a claim for financial compensation if the fault is less.

3) Non-pecuniary compensation: If the person who suffered moral damage due to the events that caused the divorce, if his fault is less and proves his harm, he can open non-pecuniary compensation.

4) Alimony (Measure, Participation, Poverty Alimony)

5) He may request that the custody of the child be given to him.

Provided that the marriage lasts for at least 1 year and they agree on the consequences of the divorce, the spouses can open a divorce suit together by making an agreement.

You can contact our law firm in order to protect and obtain your rights, as the defect rate and the issues that the parties may request in divorce vary according to the concrete case.

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