In case of loss of identity card or other identity cards, you should immediately apply to the Population Offices. In accordance with the legislation, there is no obligation to post an advertisement in a newspaper or elsewhere.

Lost identity renewal documents according to the 2021 practices of the Population Directorate:

• 1 biometric photo taken within the last 6 months.

• Pay the fee for the lost identity card.

• Population Directorates have the right to request information or documents proving your identity in case of need.

In the lost identity application process, those who have lost their Identity Card must definitely bring another identity card. These IDs are photographic documents such as driver’s license, passport, international family card.

Those who lose their new chip card do not need to bring another official ID. The renewal process will be performed by looking at the biometric data such as the finger registered in the system.

If you remove a new one, your lost document will be legally invalid, and your information such as serial number and volume number on your identity card will change. For this reason, we recommend that you report your new information to your banks in order not to have any problems with security questions in your transactions at your banks.

Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL